• January 2019
  • Cold, cold and cold! No showing this month, just trying to stay warm on
    the frozen tundra.
  • February 2019
  • Great weekend at the Indy Winter Cluster in Indianapolis, IN.  Wheeler
    (Corey X Haven) was WD, BOW the 3 day he showed including Best
    Puppy on Saturday with his sister Dory going WB/BOS the same day.
  • Wheeler walked away with 5 pts. for the weekend.  Uncle Grayson (Tate
    X Bryn) was shown 2 days going WD/BOW (1 pt.) first day and RWD the
    next to his little nephew.
  • Benz (Tate X Dolly) and Grayson (Tate X Bryn) went to an International
    Show weekend.  Both boys shared BOB wins (Benz 2, Grayson 1) and
    earned their International championhips.
  • March 2019
  • Wheeler, Grayson and I went to the Louisville, KY shows for the
    weekend.  Each boy was entered 1 day, Wheeler showed well on
    Saturday but didn't receive any love from the judge. Grayson on Sunday
    was a different story. We had several "chats" that morning in the motel
    room and on the way to the show about how he needed to listen to me
    and give it his all for the win.  Well it paid off big time! He started by
    winning the 4 dog open class and then going on to capture WD for the 5
    pt. major.  But he wasn't done yet, we also went BOW!  What a great day,
    one of those days that makes all the work worthwhile.
  • Took a weekend trip with no dogs to visit friends in Cleveland, OH.  I had
    a great time with my human and canine friends visiting Foster (Tate X
    Ava) and Beau Dee (Gauge X Gracie.)  In true Cleveland style, I woke up
    to 3 inches of snow Sunday morning.
  • April 2019
  • Easter weekend brings Grayson trying out the Begginer Novice B
    Obedience rings and Wheeler showing 1 day.  Both boys will be off to the
    Vizsla Club of America National Show in West Bend, WI the end of the
  • Flash!! Windswept boys rock at the 2019 VCA Nationals so proud of
    Grayson who won the Am Bred Class (1st out of 3) and got his 3rd leg,
    titled and placed 4th out of 13 in Beginner Novice Obedience.  Wheeler
    placed 4th out of 10 in the 9-12 Puppy Dog Class.
  • June 2019
  • Miami Valley 43rd Summer specialty show in Troy Ohio final year for this
    show, how sad.  Corey was the standout going BOS Veteran and his
    daughter Dory (Corey x Haven) showed Daddy how its done winning Best
    in Sweeps.  Corey's other kids Wheeler and Carlie showed well making
    Daddy proud.
  • July-August-September 2019
  • Spent the summer doing confirmation showing (Wheeler singled out), in
    obedience Benz got his BN and trying our hand at FAST CAT.  Benz
    achieved his BCAT in 2 weekends.
  • October 2019
  • Corey, Grayson and I attended the fall Miami Valley Vizsla speciality and
    supported entry weekend in Wilmington, Ohio.  Friday at the specialty,
    Corey was 2nd out of 5 in a nice Veteran 7-9 yr. Sweeps Class. Grayson
    and I had an awesome day with him taking WD for a 4 pt. major and
    finishing his championship under judge Charles Olvis.  He was also BOB
    Owner Handler.  Corey's daughter Dory had a good day also going BOS
    in sweeps and reserve to the major in bitches.  Benz and Grayson both
    showed lovely on Saturday and Sunday but no love from the judges
    except Benz was BOB Owner handler on Saturday.  Reuben, Grayson's
    brother, was WD on Sunday for 2 pts.
  • Wheeler is off for some bird work / field training with Jean Webb (Trainer
    / Handler.)  For the rest of the year, I plan to maybe show Grayson 1
    day@Columbus Cluster in November.  It will be nice to have some down
    time from showing at the end of the year to spend at home and focus on
    starting a new job.
  • Look forward to more FAST CAT, obedience, field and confirmation in
Windswept Acre's News 2019