• January 2017
  • Riverview's Windswept The Best Is Yet To Come aka "Benz" started his
    beginner obedience class January 14, 2017 to learn the basics.
  • February 2017
  • Riverview's Windswept The Best Is Yet To Come aka "Benz" attends his
    first puppy match in Medina, Ohio.  The day was fun and learning
    experience for Benz who did acquire a Group 1 in his initial ring
    experience.  Thanks Nancy and Foster and Donnell and Haven for
    coming and cheer us on made our day complete.
  • Tate, Corey and Keeper are just hanging out enjoying our mild winter and
    waiting for Spring to arrive.
  • Looking forward to Tate's debut in the Veteran's ring this year.  
  • Who knows what this year will bring for Corey.
  • March 2017
  • Riverview's Windswept The Best Is Yet To Come aka "Benz" won't be old
    enough to show yet.  But plans an adventure to the Louisville Cluster for
    shopping and socialization.
  • Tate shows for the 1st time in Veteran class @ the big cluster in
    Louisville, KY.  Only one in his class and no placement when back in
    during breed judging.  We had fun and that's what is important.
  • Benz (Tate x Dolly) went along for the experience.  He has a great time
    walking around seeing all the sights and meeting new friends.  Nothing
    bothered this happy go lucky boy.
  • April 2017
  • Benz attends his 2nd puppy match and shows he's catching onto this
    confirmation stuff Puppy Match Sporting Group 4 out of a tough class of 9
  • The Puppies Are Here!!!  The Puppies Are Here!!!  Tate and Bryn (BISS
    GCHS Plaza's Bryn There Done That JH) welomed 5 puppies on  
    Thursday morning 4/6/2017.  The 3 girls and 2 boys are Bryn's largest
    litter to date.  All the puppies are healthy, nursing and gaining weight.  I
    will post pictures when available.
  • Benz attended his first show April 23, 2017 and while he did a good job,
    he went reserve to the open dog.  The judge was very kind to him, said
    what a nice puppy he was and how much fun we would have in the
    future. Thank you Mr. Sydney Marxx.
  • Off to the Eaton show weekend for Father and son show day.  Benz was
    WD, BW, BOS and OH BOB for his 1 pt .Benz also passed the CGC
    evaluation and reveived his title/certificate. Thank you evaluator Darleen
    Knapp. Tate had fun showing and getting BVet.  Both boys showed well
    in their groups but no placements were obtained.
  • No points available on Sunday so instead of showing ,off for my weekly
    puppy visit, 2 weeks old!
  • May 2017
  • Spent 2 days showing over Memorial weekend locally.  Unfortunately, no
    points available but good practice for a young dog with a very kind judges.
  • Our next adventure will be in June at the Miami Valley Vizsla Speciality
    where everybody will be showing (Benz, Tate and Corey.)
  • June 2017
  • I have gone to see the puppies every weekend but this one was the best
    one.  After watching the puppies grow for 8 weeks from little helpless red
    fur babies into sassy, fat puppies, it was now time for them to go to their
    forever homes. Red boy to a friend of Donell's and mine who is local, Pink
    girl up to the east coast to New York, Yellow girl will stay with Donell and
    Blue boy will come home with me. Tate and I love each of them and wish
    them a long, healthy, happy, wonderful V life.  I have several ideas for
    names and as soon as I decide, the pup will get his own page.  Stay
  • Loaded up the boys for a hot weekend trip to Troy, OH for the dog shows
    including the MVVC Speciality.  10 week old Grayson has his first
    weekend at the shows and enjoyed himself making new friends.  Friday at
    the speciality, everyone showed well and many of the classes were single
    entry.  Tate was BOSSW, 1st Veteran Dog and 1st Stud Dog.  Benz was
    1st in 6-9 month Dog Sweeps and Regular Class, and Corey BOH.  Benz
    showed well on Saturday and Sunday winning his 6-9 month class but not
    in the points.  Corey showed in breed on Saturday but had no placement.  
    We enjoyed staying on the grounds in Donell's motorhome and all the
    dogs from Plaza Vizslas.
  • July 2017
  • Off Benz, Grayson and I went to visit our dear friends Jan, David, Finn
    and Brinkley who live in the wilds of Athens, Ohio.  Jan was recovering
    from recent hip replacements so it was fun hanging out and chilling with
    all the dogs.
  • Cleveland Ohio here we come for a show weekend that included the
    VCGC Speciality and visiting with Ray, Nancy and Foster.  We had a
    wonderful visit with good friends.  Foster looks fantastic and all the dogs
    had fun playing together.  The weather was beautiful all weekend and
    perfect for showing.  On Friday, Benz showed and placed 2nd in 9-12
    month class.  Saturday at the speciality, Benz was 3rd in the 9-12 month
    sweeps and 2nd in 9-12 month regular class.  Tate was BVSW and made
    the cut for BOB from the Veteran class, but little did I know the best was
    yet to come.  Sunday with a 8 am ring time, Benz won his 9-12 month
    class then went WD and BOW for a 4 pt. major.  He also was Best
    Puppy.  Thank you judge Betty Anne Stenmark who said he was a "lovely
    well balanced puppy."  Needless to say, the drive home to IN was a
    happy one.  Official photos will be posted when I receive them.
  • Benz, Grayson and I went to the shows in Marion, Ohio, I hadn't been
    there in years and was extremely small entry (only 1 other class dog.)  All
    I'm going to say is Benz showed very well and I don't mind losing to a
    better dog but this was not the case.  Off to our next adventure.
  • August 2017
  • Our next shows are scheduled towards the end of August back up in
    Cleveland, Ohio.  I am going to be taking Benz and Grayson who will get
    to the show in the beginner puppy 4-6 month class.  We will be hanging
    out with Nancy, Ray and Foster again.  Hope to get the boys to Lake Erie
    for a swim.  Also hoping to see our friend Cathy and her new baby
    daughter that we met when we were there in July.  Fingers crossed for
    cool weather again.
  • Back we went to Cleveland the last weekend, Benz and Grayson got to
    hang out with their older half brother Foster(Tate X Ava) and I got to visit
    with Nancy and Ray.  Benz showed well going RWD on Saturday.  
    Unfortunately we had to return home afterwards due to my housesitter
    calling and saying my senior boy Keeper (Gauge and Grace) was having
  • It was with great sadness that Keeper (CH. Lada's Windswept Dream
    Keeper JH) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with me by his side on
    8/27/2017.  He was a part of my life for 11 yrs., through good times and
    bad, the ups and downs.  This brought a close to an era at Windswept
    Acres since Keeper was my last Gauge son (CH. Windswept Acre's Top
    Gun SH CD CGC) living with me.  There are other boys with friends
    (Beau Dee & Finn are 2) that I see but nobody here at Windswept Acre's.  
    Till we meet again Keeper, tell your Dad Gauge and Brother Bullet I miss
    them too.
  • September 2017
  • Labor Day weekend took us to the Lexington Kentucky Horse Park for the
    dog show cluster.  While Benz showed well all 4 days, he only won 1 day
    (no point available.)  Grayson showed nicely in the 4-6 month puppy
    class, winning the Sporting group. After the rain on Friday, we had a
    beautiful weekend camping in the park thanks to our friend Donell Scott's
  • September 30th brought a birthday celebration to Windswept Acre's.  
    Happy 1st Birthday to Benz !!(Riverview's Windswept The Best Is Yet To
    Come CGC, Tate X Dolly)  While the party hat may not have been a big
    hit, the cake sure was.  Benz's birthday present was a week at bird
    training camp with Jean Webb.
  • I was able to make contact with all the puppy owner's from Benz's litter.
    Everyone is doing well and being enjoyed by their families. Just what
    every breeder hopes to hear.
  • October 2017
  • The beginning of the month was pretty quiet, waiting for the fall weather
    to arrive. Still too hot for October.
  • October 20th we traveled to Wilmington Ohio for the new Miami Valley
    Vizsla Club Fall Speciality. The venue at the Roberts Center was very
    nice and it was wonderful being inside since the temps outside were still
    hot. Tate, Grayson and Grayson's sister Savannah all showed in
    Sweeps.  While the 2 puppies showed well for their 1st official show, Tate
    was the big winner going Best Veteran in Sweeps, thank you Susan
    Geers-Meiners.  In the regular class judged by Dr. Robert Smith, Benz
    was WD BOW, Grayson RWD and Savannah WB.  Tate won his Veteran
    class and was taken back in for BOB by my friend Tim Hampp. They
    were awarded a Judge's Award of Merit from the Veteran class. This win
    was even more special since Tim has recently started showing again
    after a 13 yr. absence from the ring. This was a dog show day to
    remember with the wins, lovely ribbons and wonderful trophies. Thank
    you Dr. Smith for recognizing my beautiful dogs.
  • Benz showed again on 10/21/2017 going WD while Grayson showed
    again on 10/22/2017 going RWD.
  • Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!
  • November 2017
  • Finally we have some nice cool fall days.
  • This month should be a busy one.  Benz is going to try his skills in the
    field at some hunt tests and we will be going to the 4 day show in
    Columbus, Ohio the middle of the month and Tallmadge, Ohio after
  • Let the holidays begin!  Happy Thanksgiving!
  • The week - 11/16-19, we were at Columbus, Ohio for the shows.  While
    Benz showed beautifully, there was no love for us from the judges
    (Reserve Friday and Sunday.)  1/2 sister Savannah showed like a big girl
    and I was able to show her to WB and BOW on Saturday for a 3 pt. major
    (her first)!
  • On Sunday, we left the show to go to the field for the hunt test.  Benz &
    Jean Webb(his field trainer) got his second JH leg.
  • Tallmadge, Ohio the weekend after Thanksgiving (11/25-26) brought
    Benz & Savannah wins on Sunday Benz WD, BOW (unfortunately the
    major broke) and Savannah WB.
  • December 2017
  • Off to cold and snowy Cleveland, Ohio, we went for the Crown Classic
    cluster.  While we had a good time visiting dear friends both human and
    canine, there was no love for either Benz or Grayson in the ring.  It was
    disappointing being mostly a handler weekend especially when Benz and
    I received many nice compliments from co-competitors and spectators
    regarding his showing.
  • On the way home Benz got dropped off for a week of fieldwork with Jean
    Webb before the last hunt test of the season.  A week later in the field,
    there was no love for Benz either since he decided to act like a clueless
    teenager.  So Benz finishes the year with 11 show pts. (includes 4 pt.
    Major and 2 JH passes.)  Not bad for 15 months old!
  • Benz received the new Achiever's Dog Certificate from AKC.
  • As 2017 comes to a close, we look back over a year of highs and lows,
    joy and sadness and wonder what 2018 will bring, Merry Christmas and
    Happy New Year.
Windswept Acre's News 2017