Windswept Acre's News 2016
  • January 2016
  • Not much going on, cold and snowy.  Brinkley showed in Tallmadge the beginning of the
    month.  She did another good job but no points.
  • February 2016
  • Been a little crazy around with me getting a new job so not too much time for showing.  
    We did make it to Indianapolis over Valentine's Day.  Brinkley continues to grow and
    mature and does a good job in the ring while the judging left something to be desired.  
  • March 2016
  • The weather is getting warmer and the grass longer so Spring is hopefully around the
    corner.  My work schedule is still variable so no showing this month.  All the dogs and I
    are enjoying spending time at home and out in the yard.  Looking forward to our
    Nationals trip in May to Topeka, KS with Tate and Brinkley.
  • April 2016
  • Spring is here and Easter is behind us.  Looking forward to getting outside with the dogs.  
    Brinkley will be showing in Columbus Ohio towards the end of the month before we go to
    Nationals in May.  I also hope to get her exposed to birds sometime this month.
  • May 2016
  • Tate, Brinkley and I hit the road at the beginning of the month to attend the Vizsla Club of
    America National Speciality Show in Topeka, KS.  The drive was uneventful 10 hrs. and
    everybody tolerated it well.  Brinkley showed in 3 classes and did a great job strutting her
    stuff and showing her attitude.  Unfortunately, she did not receive any placements.  Tate
    was in a very competitive BOB class.  While Tate showed well this year, he was excused
    during the first cut.  We had a good time hanging out with our friends from near and far.  
    The city of Topeka offered great weather during our visit, interesting places to explore
    and plenty of great BBQ.  
  • After returning from the Nationals and talking to Brinkley's breeder (Sarah) and several
    Vizsla breeder friends.  I have made the difficult and heart-breaking decision to re-home
    her.  While being a sweet, loving and outgoing girl  who is a dream to show, she has not
    developed conformationally to be a competitive show and brood bitch for Windswept.  I
    have been lucky enough to have my dear friend Jan tell me she would like to adopt
    Brinkley.  Brinkley will pursue agility and obedience adventures with Jan while living on
    20 acres in Athens, OH with Jan and her husband David, their Vizsla Finn (a Gauge son)
    and Maggie (a Bichon.)  What a wonderful life she will have, I am so grateful to Jan and
    David.  Brinkley will be leaving for her new home sometime in July.
  • June 2016  
  • Off to Troy, OH for the Miami Valley Vizsla Club Independent Speciality Show with
    Breeder Judge Britt Jung.  I entered Corey (GCH Windswept Acre's Little Red Corvette
    JH BN CGC) who had not been show since last year at this show.  I was also asked to
    handle my friend Donell Scott's 12-18 month bitch Haven.  Boy did we have a great day
    at the show!!!  First Haven was in, we won her class and went on to place RWB.  What a
    lovely, beautifully moving girl Haven is.  Next was Corey in BOB.  We were first in line.  
    From the moment we stepped in the ring, Corey was on fire.  He couldn't make a wrong
    step and his beautiful movement was evident.  We made the cut and went on to be
    awarded Select Dog from a very competitive BOB class.  I was so proud of my boy, way
    to go Corey!!  Thank you Judge Britt Jung for recognizing my wonderful boy with this
  • July 2016
  • Visited with Foster (a Tate son) and his family while in Cleveland for Corey to show at the
    Vizsla Club of Cleveland Speciality at Madison, OH.  Corey was on fire again!  While
    narrowly missing out on the BOB win, he repeated his Select Dog win for another 5pt.
    Grand Champion Major.
  • The end of the month was bittersweet as Brinkley (Derby's New Girl In Town at
    Windswept Acre's) was taken to her new home with good friends Jan Crall and her
    husband David, Finn and Maggie in Athens, OH.  While this is extremely heart-breaking
    for me, it's a wonderful placement for Brinkley. Since she has not matured
    conformationally as I had hoped, she will not be bred.  Jan is an avid agility competitor
    with also an interest in obedience, Brinkley should excel in both and she is already
    enrolled in agility.  Brinkley will have a wonderful life living on 20 acres in rural Athens,
    Ohio with plenty of human and canine companionship.  I will get to see her often and
    watch her progress.  We love and will miss you Brinks -Karen, Tate, Corey and Keeper.
  • August  2016
  • Home for the summer not much going on, just waiting for Tate's puppies to be born.
  • September 2016
  • Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!!!
  • On Friday 9/30/2016 in the evening, BISS AM GCHS & NBISS CAN GCH Firepoint
    Riverview Before The Parade Passes By JH 'Dolly' delivered her litter with INTL\UKC\
    AKC GCH Plaza's Windswept One And Only JH BN CGC 'Tate'.  While 7 puppies were
    expected, there was a possibility for more.  Dolly did not disappoint delivering a total of 8,
    5 boys and 3 girls in approximately 5 hours.  Richard and Henry said the litter is very
    nice, uniform in size,color and very strong. An added bonus was this is the most girls
    Dolly has ever delivered.  Tate is proud to welcome his kids and looks forward to seeing
    what the future holds for each of them.
  • October 2016
  • The puppies are 2 weeks old, eyes are open and getting more active.
  • You can see the puppies on Facebook by friending Richard Benington-Grant and I will
    post pictures when possible.
  • While I haven't decide yet on a male vs. female I will be making the decision later this fall.  
    I can't wait to welcome a new family member here  at Windswept Acre'.  Now the name
    search can begin.
  • November 2016
  • Well off we went Thanksgiving weekend to Guilford, Connecticut to see Tate and Dolly's
    puppies and make my pick.  Thank you so much Donell Scott for making this 12 hr. plus
    drive and Richard & Henry Grant for giving us room, board and hospitality for the days
    we were there.
  • The 8 little puppy faces that greeted us on arrival made us smile after a long trip.  What a
    beautiful litter Tate and Dolly produced.  After spending all day Friday evaluating the litter
    and spending time with them my decision was made.  The boy previously known as Bang
    a Gong would be coming home with me.  His new name would be "Benz" aka Riverview's
    Windswept The Best Is Yet To Come (pending AKC approval.)
  • On Saturday 11/26 all the excited new puppy owners came to pick up their babies.  How
    nice it was to meet most of them (all except 2) and see the joy and excitement on
    everyone's faces.
  • After the busy morning and early afternoon of puppy pickups, I went to East Haddam, CT
    to visit my friends Mark and Nancy Walter and Ruby (a Gauge daughter who was turning
    14 years old on 12/15.)  I had a wonderful visit which brought tears to my eyes when I
    saw the sweet sugar face and how much she looks like Gauge.  While deaf and having
    some fatty tumors Ruby looks good and gets around well.  Her nose is as sharp as ever
    and had no problem finding the bags of treats I brought for her and her 2 poodle family
    members.  The pawprint blanket was also a big hit and she insisted being covered with it.
  • The drive home from Connecticut was long and slow with incredible amounts of traffic but
    Benz traveled well and we arrived safely home in Indiana.
  • December 2016
  • Benz is adjusting well to his new home here. Tate & Corey enjoy playing with him and
    showing him around the property. Nothing much seems to intimidate him and he loves
    exploring. Keeper (my old boy) just keeps wondering when he will leave.
  • Corey, Benz and I made a trip to Cleveland, OH 12/8-12/10 to visit Foster, Nancy and
    Ray Kirchner.  It was great having all 3 of Tate's sons getting to hang out and play.  
    Foster looks great and couldn't be loved more by Nancy and Ray.  We exchanged
    Christmas presents and Santa was good to all the boys.  We also got treated to snow,
    approximately 18 inches of it!!  Everyone enjoyed playing in it even Benz who had his
    first snow experience.  We left early to come home due to more snow on the way so
    unfortunately didn't get to visit Sugar (Gauge's 14 year old daughter & Ruby's sister) in
    Columbus, OH.  Hoping to see her sometime early in 2017.
  • Now the boys and I are just chlling (literally its been really cold in Indiana.)  I plan on
    puppy obedience class for Benz and hopefully some puppy confirmation matches.
  • To all our friends "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!"  May 2017 be good for all of